Chennai Flood Relief Project

In November and December, the southern province of Tamil Nadu faced horrific flooding that took the lives of at least 400 people and left 1.8 million displaced from their homes1. In Chennai, it was the worst rainfall experienced within the century. Many families were completely devastated and left with unimaginable loss.


Through our Social Organization, the Life Centre, and with the help of many supporters and volunteers, 3ft x 2ft metal cases called “New Beginning Boxes” were distributed to hundreds of affected families. Containing items like stoves, cooking utensils, clothing, sleeping materials, groceries and more, this lockable box was a great blessing to many.


Several hundred families throughout the community were helped with Emergency Relief Boxes containing a one-month supply of staple groceries as well as a gas stove. Furthermore, on Christmas day, 500 people were hosted in the church for a beautiful Christmas meal.


We are extremely thankful for all of those near and far who supported, prayed and joyfully volunteered in this project!


1. “2015 South Indian floods” , (22 December 2015), Wikipedia


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